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Marketing Translation Services - Toronto

Marketing Translation

Translating your target language accurately

You might have spend years in marketing establishing your brand name with your product and services, making sure that you have included all the unique selling points, features and benefits as wanted by your customers. You surely do not deserve to get all this hard work wasted by having your brochures, websites, emails, press releases or adverts inaccurately translated.

There are many instances when big corporate houses have gotten their marketing translation wrong...

Translation is a process of effective communication by closing language barriers carried out by specialists in the specific field with enough experience, exposure and knowledge. You will understand the complexity of the process as illustrated below with various examples where not only small companies, but also bigger players got translation disastrously wrong:

Orange, the telecom company, had launched a campaign in 1994 where it had to change its ads in Northern Ireland. The campaign was, The future's bright, the future's Orange. This campaign had its long success throughout various countries that Orange operated in. However in Ireland, the term Orange suggests the Orange Order, a sectarian Protestant fraternal organization. The Catholic Irish population did not really appreciate the inferred message in the campaign, The future’s bright, the future’s Protestant.
Gotzen, the European hardware store chain, was expanding and embarked into Turkey. They opened a mall in Istanbul. In Turkish language, "Göt" means "ass." They were obligated to change the name to "Tekzen" after recognizing the mistake.
Schweppes had an interesting mistranslation in Italy. In their campaign for Schweppes Tonic Water, they wrongly translated the campaign to Schweppes Toilet Water.
Another mistranslation for Jolly Green Giant which wrongly translated into Arabic meaning Intimidating Green Ogre.

Evoluz’ expertise will guarantee it does not happen to you

It will surely not be amusing if one of the company's mentioned was yours. You have to be certain that you have an accurate translation. It is vital, not only for your company or your existing clients, but also to ensure your future business prospects.

To avoid inaccurate translation, Evoluz only employs qualified translators working in their native languages. For instance, if you have a marketing translation requirement from English to German, our project manager will allocate the project only to native German translators working with us with verified quality output. Evoluz would have already verified these translators’ know-how of the local market, the local language and its meanings and customs. This will ensure that your promotions and adverts have the customized desire impact when localized into the target language.

We translate your marketing message to be understood by your target audience

In many instances, direct translation is not an answer to your marketing language requirements. This applies in particular to marketing or creative material. Many times, the translation requires the adaptability into the final language that it intends to translated to basically to give it a tailored effect. This involves local customs, common phrases to give it a feel as if it has been written specifically for that market. For such translation requirement, word to word or translation done literally is not an answer.

Our experience and proficiency in language translation will ensure overcoming all of these problems. This is executed through our application of project management methodology from start to finish:

Step 1 - You will be allocated to a project manager who will make sure to incorporate all of your translation requirements.

Step 2 - The project is then allocated to a qualified team of native translators matching the subject area. Please note that we take special care and the project is only assigned to a team of translators with knowledge and creative expertise with your subject area and industry. If you request frequent updates, you will have direct updates from the project manager throughout the lifecycle of the project. This method is followed to preserve the creative elements within the final translated copy returned the way you needed as it was in the original document.

Step 3 – In the next step, a database of terminology is agreed to ensure consistency throughout your translated documents.

Step 4 – The translated document is then migrated to our teams of page layout specialists, who take your DTP files and apply your formatting and layout into the final document.

We can translate your documents and work through the latest industry standard software compatible both on Macintosh and Windows:

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